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Data Information Protection and Security

When offshore outsourcing partner decides to outsource work to us, we understand the importance of keeping your image file data safe and secure. We have developed strict security policy and practices in place.We have designed system to protect our customer information from uninvited eyes.

We are open to having the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) agreement to respect our customer copyrights and confidential information. Each and every employee in our organisation is required to sign an internal client confidential NDA document. All so committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your our customer image file data (BEFORE, DURING and AFTER) editing process. The information is then limited to production team personals and protection against viewers who are not authorized. Limited, Safe and Protected Access to Cross Digital Employees

To prevent unauthorized access from employees we have limited, safe and protected access to customer data source files which includes;

    • Employees in-time and out-time monitoring system.
    • All system is password protected against network logins.
    • Symantec Endpoint Protection anti-virus which is secured and updated frequently.
    • Secured external and internal remote access.
    • Round the clock security surveillance.
    • All data sharing hardware devices such as Wi-Fi, USB ports and CD ROM are been disabled.

At  Cross Digital we are fully committed to your data privacy and confidentiality.

For more information contact us on data information protection and security policy of using our service, or to jump start on your project.