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To have a competitive edge in your business service offering outsourcing becomes an essential factor to cost saving, quick delivery and productivity. If not you start to lose being competitive. We are here to solve your business issues and safeguard your business to stay ahead of your competitors. Also, not to fear on data security, confidentiality and production turnaround time. Now some frequently asked questions that many customers have in mind while approaching us for the outsourcing service.

Q: More about Cross Digital?

We are committed, reliable, organised, sincere and service oriented.

We believe it’s the people that make the difference and add value to our customers. We have delivered consistent quality and value across our successful client relationship for over 30 years in print and publishing industry.

At Cross Digital we are staffed for 24/7 operations which allow our value customers to enjoy extra hours and time zone advantage.

Cross Digital wide range of professional photo editing and creative services increases your ability to deal with the challenges of today’s markets. Our employees become an extension of yours and we become the perfect complement to your internal resources. You can use us on a regular basis or to manage your high profile production demand.

We continually improve on working on your processes & production workflows with our innovation, technical excellence and deep functional expertise.

When our clients consider us, we provide our top technology as use the very best in latest in software, technology and infrastructure. With the fastest internet lines in India (20 Mbps) for your file transfer and software tools & technologies we increase the prominence of your project and overall process transparency & accountability.

We are located in the Silicon-Valley of India at Bangalore outsourcing capital city. This enables us to have access to the best talent in India. This allows us to be accessible to our customers around the world – we welcome you to Cross Digitalcome visit us!

Q: Services which I can outsource to Cross Digital?

Photo editing/image editing services you can outsource to Cross Digital:

Q: What are the processes that go while project outsourcing?

On decide on outsource your image editing services with Cross Digital you will go through the following processes:

1. Free trial: We offer free trail to all our customers to stand confident on the quality of our services without taking any risk. Before you decide to outsource your entire project to Cross Digital.

2. Project transfer: Cross Digital management team steps in and evaluate the process and ensure risk free project transfer keeping our customers on ease. This is where our strategy planning comes to play and device a strong system based on customer requirements and constant process improvements.

3. Customer review and feedback: This is where you can measure and look closely at your project progress and send us your valuable insight or concerns and ensure your requirements are meet.