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Real Estate Image Editing

At Cross Digital we provide world class, high quality, cost effective real estate image editing services less than 12 hour turnaround time. We at Cross Digital have built our real estate image editing team based on specific customer needs to meet their specific style & customised requirements. Our customer can be rest assured with our efficiency of handling large volume of images and on time deliver.

Customer choosing Cross Digital for real estate post processing gives them a high competitive edge in the real estate business. This is where you can focus on your primary organization developments as we handle your entire real estate image editing requirements.

Outsource to Cross Digital With the help of our professional image editors we will help you achieve the very best and finest high quality real estate image output.

Drone Real Estate Image Editing

Technology is changing every aspect of our life so it’s little wonder it’s also changing the way we look at real estate image editing.

Drones or UAVs, are increasingly being used to provide a better overview not just of the property, but also of the surrounding area. It allows to paint a wider picture, providing buyers with a perspective of where the property is located within the neighborhood, proximity to parks, public transport, shops and schools.” Selling a house can be a stressful process at the best of times, so add in an extra layer of technology to appeal your customers.

Cross Digital has been with the latest technology advancement helping its customers. One such revolution in real estate image editing is drone photography (UAVs). With our talented image editors using techniques such as colour enhancement, removal of unwanted objects, lawn replacement, lawn enhancement and reducing shadows. Making your real estate images look very attractive and there’s a chance you could tip over the edge selling your properties faster.

Virtual House Real Estate Image Editing

At Cross Digital we offer virtual house design for real estate agents and photographers. You can send us high quality photo of your model home or we can have model home from our database. Our virtual homes can be placed on an empty landscape to offer your potential home buyers the ability to foresee their home on a vacant plot of land.

Our virtual house editor creates realistic visualization that gives your customers a true sense of what to expect when their home construction is complete. Contact us today for your virtual house.

Virtual Furniture Staging

What do your photos say when property is vacant? Are the property photos grabbing the buyer’s attention online? Remember, potential buyers are viewing numerous homes and making decision which ones to visit? We at
Cross Digital transform your vacant house photos into a beautiful virtual staged home that can sell with low-cost marketing solution.

Over time, we found there is a need for a more innovative marketing solution that can sell vacant properties while avoiding the significant costs of traditional staging. Cross Digital has developed our own vast library of real life virtual furnitures and decors.

Cross Digital services provides an innovative marketing solution that delivers each time with quality products with life like result without altering your actual home or office. We stage in virtual process that always ensure your property stands out.

Having attractive virtual staged home will instantly increase your chances of selling the property faster.

Day to Dusk Photo Editing

Cross Digital is proud to offer its customers with the new Day-To-Dusk photo editing. With Day-To-Dusk, any photographer can photo shoot homes during the day and we at Cross Digital can have them edited by adding in a beautiful twilight or dusk sky, brightening up the home exterior, and “turning on” the exterior lights, your Day-To-Dusk images are sure to impress your realtor and agents to catch the eye of potential buyers looking for a new home.

Cross Digital offering Day-To-Dusk real estate image editing services is a great way to turn a cloudy or rainy day into an opportunity to say “wow” from your clients and make some value addition in your services.

If you would like additional information about Day-To-Dusk images, please feel free to contact us.

Decluttering Images For Real Estate

Real Estate Agents, Photographers and Professionals – Here is the perfect solution offered from Cross Digital for those times where a real messy situation is hindering sale of property.

The quality of our Digital Decluttering images speak for themselves as our professional team of Digital Decluttering editors can remove: vehicles, remove sign boards and posters, pool debris, messy gardens and any kind of junk lying in the house or it’s surrounding from any angle you want.

Real Estate Digital Decluttering is perfect for untidy homes, offices for rentals and sales that photographers generally run down into. At Cross Digital our Digital Decluttering photos can help show your property the way it should look to your new buyers.

In property marketing first impressions counts big time. Clean up you brand, untidy photos means that your brand looks messy.

Buyers are more motivated to make an enquiry on a clean and tidy house – Then a messy cluttered one!

Still Image Enhancement

Outsource real estate post processing to Cross Digital where our professional and skilled team of editors experienced in retouching and enhancing the quality of your real estate properties both interior (indoor) and exterior (outdoor) still images. We will ensure that we have all your requirements meet with emphasis of producing high quality and attractive images. We produce more than 4,000 images per day for customers globally and are capable of handling huge volumes with consistent quality. Cross Digital now provides real estate post processing services to customers in United States, Europe and Australia.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Image Blending Services

Cross Digital we are one of the leading producers of real estate image post processing services. Editing images and producing more than 5,000 images per day for real estate companies, brokers, agents and photographers.

Cross Digital we have proficient image blending professionals who can blend any numbers of images taken from photographers in various exposure values and produce one of a kind – “very high quality image”. Cross Digital HDR (High Dynamic Range) technique provide unmatched quality where more than two exposures are combined that gives you a well-lit vibrant image than your regular still shots captured from your standard camera. Also Cross Digital uses manually blending techniques over the automated process since manual image blending process provides a very consistent high quality output. We can also provide automated HDR (High Dynamic Range) image blending process based on our customer requirements.

Colour Cast Removal Services

Cross Digital professional team of image editors have profound knowledge of eliminating and toning down colours such as blue, red, green and yellow tint which most often appear on the whole of your picture. Colour cast is a common occurrence due to bad lighting and poor white balance. At Cross Digital we have highly skilled professionals who can easily identify and perfectly balance the colours to provide you with a beautiful picture true to life itself.

Sky Change/Replacement Services

Most often when an outdoor photograph is taken it appears with cloudy, dull and washed out sky. When you outsource for sky change services to Cross Digital, we replace the sky selected from a wide range of skies library that will brighten up your real estate property and architectural pictures made more attractive to your end customers.

Perspective Correction

Perspective correction occurs due to the angle of shot taken from a camera focussing on a tall building or a house which is more technically called as barrel and pincushion distortion.

Outsource to Cross Digital you can easily remove these distortions and recover its original perspective shape and make feel visually more natural. Outsource real estate perspective correction editing services to Cross Digital and provide your property with picture perfect illustrations for both print and web.

Outsource to Cross Digital with the help of our professional image editors we will help you achieve the very best and finest high quality HDR real estate image blending output.